Parents Who Use Marijuana Likely Have Kids Who Use It, Too

dad and son

Years ago, anti-drug commercials issued a warning to people that kids often follow in their parents’ footsteps when it comes to drug use. Much of the anti-drug commercials from that era are considered to be propaganda. A new study finds that parents that smoke weed also have teens that smoke it, and the teens are more likely to use other substances as well.

Marijuana use in the United States is increasing with laws that end the prohibition of the substance. For many people, marijuana is just one drug that they use, making authorities worried that this will be true for the teens that use marijuana today.

What Was in this Marijuana Study?

The study followed the parents as well as their offspring, including the drug use of 24,900 fathers and mothers. The study found that parental marijuana use was associated with increased risk of marijuana, nicotine, and opioid misuse by both adolescent and young adults. Young people were also more likely to abuse alcohol at earlier ages if their parents smoke marijuana.

The study researchers say that it’s important to screen all household members for substance use disorders, especially teens who have parents that misuse substances.

Addiction Runs in Families

Researchers have known for years that addiction seems to have both biological and environmental factors. People whose parents smoke cigarettes are likelier to smoke or vape. Studies have shown that children of addicted parents are almost eight times more likely to become addicts themselves. It is also possible that people who are addicted emulate the actions of their parents, which makes it likelier they’ll become addicted as well.

It’s also known that addiction has a genetic component. Not every person who drinks becomes addicted to alcohol, but some people seem to be more likely, especially those who have alcoholism in one part of their families.

Addiction is a disease of the brain. It causes changes in a person’s thinking and behavior. Abstinence is difficult for an addicted person to achieve without the help of a substance abuse program or the help of 12-step meetings.

If you or somebody you love is addicted to a substance, help is available. Call a local hotline or treatment center to learn more about getting the help you need.

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