OxyNEO News and Updates – The Word on the Street

We’re watching the ticker for news about OxyNEO and a few recurring themes are popping up.

1. OxyContin Users are Not Happy With OxyNEO

The slow release and apparent stomach irritating formulation of oxycodone known as OxyNEO

is apparently not “sitting well” with those who are used to the effects of OxyContin. We’ve been monitoring forums where users are frequently searching for alternatives to OxyNEO (some alternatives that have been mentioned are OxyIR and Fentanyl).

The Prescription Drug Shuffle
The Search for Alternatives to OxyNEO is On

2. Alternative Drugs are Being Sought out

Of course, the black market is where a lot of the opiate trade goes down and apparently in Canada the popularity of Fentanyl is off the charts as OxyNEO (the “tamper proof” replacement for OxyContin) is not a preferred “high.”

3. Heroin is Filling the OxyContin Void

As always, we expect an increase in heroin use and abuse as it gives the same sensation as oxycodone drugs. Presumably there will also be an increase in fatal and non-fatal heroin overdoses.

According to an article in the Brandfort-Brant news, the rise of heroin on London’s streets is noticeable as a result of the local drug dependent individuals’ inability to properly abuse OxyNEO.


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