On the Dangers of Teen OxyNEO Abuse

Teen prescription drug use is a disturbing trend that has drifted beyond the boundaries of parental control and government order. A compelling documentary has been released called “Behind the Orange Curtain,” which chronicles the prescription drug abuse of residents of Orange County’s wealthy neighborhoods. The prestigious community has been bombarded with incidences of teenagers overdosingon a variety of prescription pills in pursuit of drug- induced pleasure. One of the most popular preferences for teenage drug abuse is the infamous OxyContin tablet. Medically distributed as a highly potent pain reducer, OxyContin offers an expensive high for thrill seekers and is extremely addictive. One may experience a number of side effects from using the drug, but deadly results can occur when it is consumed with alcohol. This often causes a serious problem for young adults who often combine prescription drugs with liquor at parties.

real housewives of orange county prescription drugs
Statistically, There Will Be Prescription Drug Addiction Affecting These Women

According to recent reports, OxyContin frequently leads individuals to seek harsher drugs, specifically heroin. Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of the drug OxyContin, even redesigned the drug and released it as OxyNEO in an effort to reduce it’s ability to be tampered with and abused. OxyNEO is formulated in a way that makes it difficult to crush or dissolve (so that it can be injected or snorted to get a more intense sesnation than taking orally).

Peer pressure has influenced the widespread abuse of prescription drugs. Dangerous drugs like OxyNEO, Vicodin, and Xanax are favorite for those attending youth social events, or frivolous parties .The increasing popularity and appeal of “prescription drug popping” to the teenage population has plagued many parents with extreme worry. The repetition of incidents in Orange County has caught strong negative attention recently, but it also reflects a massive issue in every community within the United States.

Teens are Especially At Risk

The psychology of addiction suggests that teens are more vulnerable to the feel-good effects of abusing any type of drug for recreational purposes. Effective treatment for the use of narcotic painkillers may be more difficult to implement and even hazardous for the addict because each drug will have varied effects on the developing human brain and body of a young adult. Some individuals may suffer from physical dependence if treatment is not applied to manage the addiction. There is hope that nationwide parental and community efforts will succeed in curbing the possession, peer exchange, and abuse of prescription drugs by minors.

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