Getting Help for Opiate Drug Addiction

Get Help Immediately

If you are considering seeking help for an addiction to drugs like OxyNEO we recommend that you take action immediately.  The same sense of urgency is applcable if you are concerned for someone who may be slipping into the grasp of drug addiction.

The risk of overdose is very high for these types of drugs and we have seen that “one more use” might be “one too many.”  When fatal overdose happens the user is typically already unconscious and prone

The Latest Recommendations for Addiction Treatment

Some general maxims about addiction treatment that the writers of this website (all addictions professionals) feel should be followed.

  • safe, medically assisted detox – if the person is a habitual (daily) user of narcotic medications, then the withdrawals experienced during the detoxification process can be overwhelming.  We find that doing the detoxification in a safe setting with the assistance of medications to reduce cravings will set the recovery process going in the right direction.
  • residential primary treatment in gender specific setting – the primary treatment period is the first 30-90 days after the detox period is complete.  We strongly recommend residential treatment in  a gender specific setting to provide maximum support and efficacy.
  • extended treatment period and “stepping down” – studies have shown a strong correlation between length spent in treatment for addiction and the likelihood of long term successful recovery.  There are significant increases in success rates when patients are in treatment for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year.  There are ways to “step down” the intensity of the treatment from the primary care phase so that the person can participate in co-ed programs, pursue work and/or education, and get their life back while still living in a support system (for instance, a sober living house).
  • a variety  of evidence based treatment practices – we recommend that a treatment program use a variety of treatment modalities to reach the women and men who are in their care.  Not everyone will respond to the same therapeutic interventions so there should be a variety of therapeutic modalities used – and they should be facilitated by a team of specialists (not just one “case manager”).
  • 12 step based resources complementing treatment and after care – the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a widely available self help network of recovering individuals who continue their recovery by meeting frequently and discussing their experience in recovery for therapeutic results and also to help others who may be struggling in their recovery.  We believe that there is simply never a reason for an individual to not take advantage of this self sustaining community of like minded people in recovery.   Visit for more information.

Recommended Websites:

American Addiction Foundation – A  great resource on recovery in addition to being Directory of Treatment centers listed by state

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) – A very useful resource with a ton of information – This site is one that we watch for news of the growing prescription drug epidemic and to also has a great network of treatment centers listed to search for help in your area.

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