CVS Blacklisting Some Irresponsible doctors in Florida

In an interesting development, CVS is taking action against doctors that irresponsibly prescribe narcotic painkillers.  The company has sent letters to a collection of Florida doctors indicating that it will no longer fill prescriptions for drugs like OxyContin.

CVS is probably taking their actions for a variety of reasons.  Not the least of these reasons is that there has been a rash of pharmacy robberies and slayings.

We applaud this policy and think that it is going to send a message to unethical doctors as well as raise awareness

Taking a Stand

Regulation Coming From the Wrong Direction

There has already been a legal backlash to CVS’ decree as one Florida physician has filed suit. The reason that this chain of events is going to turn into an expensive court battle is because CVS is trying to implement policy and regulation which is the job of the FDA.

Unfortunately, the FDA has not been effective in preventing, taking notice, or addressing the prescription drug epidemic.

Actions like this one taken by CVS will only further our cause of raising awareness about how deadly prescription drugs can be.

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