Fentanyl and Other Home Made Opiates Invade Canada

The opiate epidemic continues to evolve and Canada has found out the hard way and they are trying to create legislation in order to cope with the new realities as opiates ravage indiscriminately.

Liquid Fentanyl Discovered in Canada

Fentanyl is now a very popular option for many opiate drug abusers, but the substance is so incredibly potent that the risk of overdose can not be overstated. Only recently, the first instance of liquid Fentanyl has been discovered by police in Ontario.

This drug has alarmed authorities and health care professionals because it it is often created in home labs which creates a lot of uncertainty about the strength of the substance (this probably contributed to a deadly Fentanyl outbreak in Northern and Southern California recently).  Recent arrests have also revealed the drug is being illicitly created in China and then shipped to Canada.

Fentanyl Robbery in Hamilton, Ontario, Alarms Authorities

Recently a robbery of a pharmacy that saw the crooks abscond with a large stash of Fentanyl caused authorities to scramble in order to put the word out that Fentanyl would presumably be available in street level drug deals that could cause accidental overdose due to it’s potency.

Controlling the Availability of Printing Presses in Canada

Canada is also scrambling to take action against home made Fentanyl (and other drug) creation by discussing the feasibility of regulating the pill “printing presses” in order to curb the availability of illicitly created narcotic drugs.


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