Prescription Drug abuse and the Elderly

Whether or not they were flower children of the 60’s or beatniks of the 1950’s, a huge number of baby boomers who have achieved their retirement dreams.   However, a growing number of these senior citizens are practicing alcoholics and drug addicts.   Many of them lived through a drug exploration period in the 60’s, but the common addiction now in their senior years is to prescription drugs.   According to the Data Spotlight (January 12, 2012 edition), the number of seniors age 50 or more needing treatment for addiction is expected to double by the year 2020.

The Burden Felt By Children
Unfortunately, the children of these aging baby boomers may not be aware Mom or Dad have a prescription drug problem.   Most children are aware when their parents have a history (whether it be current or in the past) of alcoholism, …

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