Our team of addiction reporters is here to report and bring further awareness about the highly addictive nature of opiate medications like OxyNEO.

OxyNEO is the New Face of OxyContin

Purdue Pharma has been harshly criticized (and some executives have been criminally prosecuted) for the release and effects of the drug OxyContin.  OxyContin is such a powerful opioid medication that it is only appropriate for extreme pain – like terminally ill cancer patients.

Purdue Pharma irresponsibly marketed the drug and through misdiagnosis and unethical prescribing many doctors unleashed the drug on patients who were utterly unprepared for the  habit forming nature of the drug.  Compounding this was recreational use by people (especially young adults) who mistakenly perceived the drug as less sinister than illegal street drugs.  The instance of addiction and overdose overwhelmed many families.

“Sticky OxyContin” or “tamper proof OxyContin” was released in 2010 to try and prevent the rash of overdoses and met with some success.

OxyNEO is the latest “re-branding” attempt by Purdue Pharma to continue profiting off of the addictive “legal heroin.”   this website will be dedicated to chronicling the OxyNEO phenomenon as it unfolds.

Opiate Addiction – Every Use Could be the Last Use

Opiate addiction should be handled as urgently ass possible.  If someone is mentally and physically addicted to narcotic painkillers, we urge you to immediately seek professional help in getting them to receive the help that can save their lives.

Do not wait because once if you wait until it is too late, it’s really too late.


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