Infertility? Do not give up on yourself, you will be a parent!

Reproductive technologies are rapidly developing and today there are many ways to become parents, despite the infertility of one of the partners. This is assisted by a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of reproduction and artificial insemination. Sunshine is an agency for donating oocytes and IVF programs. Our agency helps infertile couples to get a chance to create a full-fledged happy family. During 10 years, more than 500 patients have made the dream of motherhood a reality with our help.

Successes and advantages of the Sunshine agency

We are a team of professionals in reproductology medicine. For each patient, we have an individual approach and maximum attention. Therefore, we offer all the necessary services and conditions:

  • is the most complete database of oocyte donors in Asia
  • support and advice for everyone throughout the program
  • qualified assistance of leading experts from world-class clinics
  • complete safety for your health
  • strict confidentiality
  • modern high tech approach
  • attentiveness and responsiveness

And most importantly, we can help you get the desired result. Our mission is a happy full-fledged family, where children’s laughter is heard and happiness is seen in the eyes of parents. So do not give up your dream because of the diagnosis. With us, you will find a happy family and become the best parent for your baby.

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